Name: Dayna
Birthday: June 25
Hair: Brown.. I dye it lots of colors though
Eyes: Brown
Husband: Brent, married since August 10th, 2008
Kids: Four boys
Pets: Four cats
Home: Born and raised in Michigan, USA
Favorite Colors: Pink, blue, purple
Favorite Things: I love to thrift and go to antique shops, spend time with my family, and of course all things pixel. Big coffee drinker. My favorite season is fall. I also love kewpie dolls, birdhouses, sheep, poodles and flamingos!
Pixel Stuff: I've loved pixel art from the first time I used a computer as a kid. I started editing them myself and buying memberships to other sites, and in 2010 I started making graphics under the name Round Gallery. The name comes from one of my boys, who was nicknamed Round Baby because he looked like a cute little snowman! My favorite pixels are teddy bears (especially Buddacup from Rosey Posey Pixels), sheep and tubes made from Apple Patch Graphics lines.

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