Blinkies: .40 each
Sigtags: .25 each
Icons: .25 each
Tubes: priced individually

To Order: Sigtags and blinkies have a form below for you to fill out. Make sure you include the gallery for each one if they are different. Hair color I just need to know once unless you want it different for certain ones. Other info is for things like dates only when the graphic offers for these customizations.

Name: (name on graphic)
Graphic Type: (sigtag, blinkie, or icon)
Gallery: (bears, dolls, etc)
Anything Else: (dates, etc when applicable)
Paypal Email:
Delivery Email:

For tubes I just need to know the name of the pack.

Email your request to me at - I will invoice you as soon as I am able.

If you were part of my Loved List on Livejournal please drop me an email with your username. You are entitled to request two free sigtags and/or icons every week from my galleries. (This goes for sigtags and icons only, blinkies are not included.)